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So first I never considered myself a baker. And I still have so much to learn. I started by primarily learning to decorate cupcakes. Which is still my passion and how I spend my free time.

My cakes and cupcakes only uses the freshest ingredients to make everything taste good and fresh-out-of-oven like experience. An experience, that simply melts in your mouth.

A key to great flavor again is using only the best ingredients. From pure Madagascar vanilla to high quality flour. I am continually looking for high quality products to enhance the flavor of my baked goods.

Confetti Cake with

How I Started Baking

My baking journey began during the begining of the COVID pandemic, while trying to find a new hobby. I baked my fist cupcakes and began playing with decorating them.

I began taking classes and experimenting with different designs and colors. After posting a few of my creations I realized I should try and sell a few cupcakes. Trust me the family was pretty tired of eating cupcakes at this point.

As interest grew I went through the process of obtaining my Cottage Kitchen license and obtaining insurance. So yes we are insurance and licensed. And that is how we have arrived at this spot.

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